Why should we hire you?

Experience. I have 22 years experience in piano tuning and repair. I know and love pianos and enjoy making them sing again. My prices are very fair and my repair work is guaranteed.

What do you need to do your work?

For the best result, I need a quiet environment that is not too hot or cold. Quiet for the tuning and even temperature for accuracy.

Your guarantee includes what?

6 moths on repairs and tuning cannot be guaranteed due to the environment

How often should I tune my piano?

At least once a year at minimum, twice a year is better, and always as needed to minimize pitch changes.

Finer instruments and more sensitive ears will need it more often.

How long does a tuning take?

Usually about an hour and a half. If I find that more work is needed, it will take longer.  If it has been a long time since the last tuning, it might be necessary to more than the usual tuning with a pitch raise.  This will cost a bit more yet worth it in the end to get to standard pitch and standard tuning.